04 / 10/ 11


Progress as of October 2011

Eric Scott Testing the Jetpack

Johnny Belt in Horsham

Stuart had around 18 lessons from Eric in 3 days.

Update personal training soon. But as you can see there is

nothing wrong with the pack. Just need to practice practice practice.

Eric Scott Flying in Michigan 29 October 2011



Eric Scott Interview

Archive Footage of Bill Suitor

Wallace and Gromit

Jetpack Johnny Official Site

The Jetpack Johnny Book Makes A Great

Present (Click the link above)

Good Progress now being made re flying the old Go Fast belt. New website format coming soon. My original red belt is parked in the workshop and I am still concentrating on the old Go Fast machine. Check back soon for a progress video update. Here's Eric Scott flying his old machine.

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Dont forget Jetpack Johnny

Jetpack Johnny Book Now Available

Over the years Stuart has had a lot of help from a lot of people.

Jeremy McGrane

Nelson Tyler

Mark Wells

Bill Suitor

Mike Glanfield

Erik Bengstton

Stephen Coombs

Troy Widgery at Go Fast

Lindsay Clarke

(for helping out in the rain, and being on the end of the tether. His input! his humour and his commitment)

and of course

Eric Scott.

I would also like to thank Richard Brown. He is the only man in the world close to really flying a proper jetpack (gas turbine as oppose peroxide) His machine runs on a gas turbine engine. Richard has spent an equal amount of time developing a very complicated machine. We are in reality both at the same stage. Many conversations with Richard whilst walking the dogs! I am sure in the future we will be flying together. Find out more about Richard by clicking here.

This is not a project you can do on your own. There are several video's and newspaper articles around. Click on the links to find out more. Once again a big thank you to everyone involved. The childhood dream, let's try and forget about the adult nightmare. Keep checking the site for updates.

All the best


BBC Inside Out Video

Jetpack Johnny Launch Video

Jetpack Johnny Official Website

Sunday Times Article

New Yorks Wall Street Journal

Paul Brown's Article in The Guardian

James May's Big Ideas Video

2006 Rocketbelt Convention Video

Archive Footage of Hal Graham

I am starting to include suppliers that have helped out with the Rocketbelt Project. Click on the links.

Baltimore Innovations


For more details either call Rocketbelt Ltd in Horsham on:
01403 275453 / 07712 788278 or email at rocketbelt@hotmail.com